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From the moment you are in need of electrical service, until the time Our Work is done, we strive to serve you. We want to be involved when you need Quality Electrical Services, now and any time in the future. When you use Villi Electrical Services we also help you avoid future problems by giving you expert preventative maintenance advice.

Our 20 point home inspection  can give you a snapshot of your electrical system’s current state and allows you to plan in advance for issues that may eventually be more expensive to repair. We can't avoid every emergency, but we can help prevent most of them. 

We often take electricity for granted. It lights our homes, keeps our families warm, and lets us participate in a world of electronic interaction that is growing daily. We  count on electricity for everything from our basic survival needs to entertaining us and keeping us in touch with the rest of the world we live in. It's hard to imagine life without electricity and when we are without it, even for a short period of time, it changes the way we live. When you call Villi Electrical Services, we aim to quickly get you back to normal and give your home the service it deserves.

We know you wouldn't let just anyone off the street come into your home and work on your electric and neither would we.
Our employees have thorough training and years of experience, before we would ever let them work on your electrical system. This means that the work will be done by a competent qualified technician and will be safe and operational for years to come!


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