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EV Charging Installation

Villi Electrical Services is a full service Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation Contractor. We install Industrial and residential EV Charging Stations.

You Bought The Car... Now Take Charge!

We're the areas leading Electric Vehicle Charging Station installer. Take charge of your new investment and call us to install level 2 or higher charging at your home or business for the fastest charging times. For commercial applications, we do it all. We have level 3 plans to suite your needs.

Level 1

Level 1 EV Chargers

120 Volt outlets

Level 1 is the slowest type of charging equipment. Level 1 chargers plug directly into a standard 120 volt (V) AC outlet supplying an average power output of 1.3 kW to 2.4 kW. This power output is equivalent to 3-5 miles of EV range per hour. An overnight charge will add 30-50 miles of range, which is sufficient for many commuters. A full charge for an empty EV battery can take over 24 hours.

Villi Electrical Services can install an outdoor or garage outlet for level 1 charging at your home making this the most affordable solution.

Level 2

Level 2 EV Chargers

220 Volt outlets

Level 2 chargers operate  on 240 V  output  with anywhere from 3 kW to 19 kW of AC power. This power output translates to 18-28 miles of range per hour. An average EV can be fully charged in 8 hours or less. Level 2 charges EVs faster than Level 1 and more and is more ideal for commuters who drive more than 30 miles a day. 

Villi Electrical Services offers level 2 services where the charger and outlet are upgraded to 220 Volts. We can install Level 2 chargers in Home or business locations.

Level 3

Level 3 EV Chargers

400-900 Volts

Level 3 charging is the fastest type of charging available and can recharge an EV at a rate of 3 to 20 miles of range per minute. Unlike Level 1 and Level 2 charging that uses alternating current (AC), Level 3 charging uses direct current (DC). The voltage is also much higher than Level 1 & 2 charging, Level 3 is commercial grade.

Villi Electrical Services is a fully licensed and fully insured installer of Level 3 commercial chargers with several contracts in the area with leading businesses.

We are fully licensed and insured. We can get you ready for your new vehicle at your home or any location you need power. Call us Today!  724-527-5555


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