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Unexpected voltage spikes, surges and other electrical disturbances caused by storms or a blown transformer can ruin or severely damage computers,  televisions, smart devices, refrigerators, washers and dryers, satellite or cable equipment, and wreak havoc with telecommunications systems in office environments. Installing a surge protective device on your service panel in your home or business provides protection at the service entrance and at the point of use in you electrical system.

Surge Protective Devices or SPDs are Your First Line of Defense

Modern homes, now more than ever, are connected to many smart devices in almost every room. SPDs help protect your investments by diverting voltage spikes into the ground before they reach your electronics. Any electrical disturbance could cause your home or office system to surge, spike, or drop voltage levels harming expensive electronics and appliances without surge protection. Call 724-527-5555 right now to protect your home or business. 

SPD Protection

The first line of defense is protection at the point of entry where electricity enters a home or business through the main electrical service panel—and surges and voltage spikes from lightning hits enter the electrical system. Installing a Circuit Breaker and Surge Protective Device at the service entrance of a home, diverts surges to ground before they can enter the premises.

Type 1 Surge protector device (SPD) 

Type 1 SPD devices are mounted on line side of main service entrance. Type-1 SPD is characterized by a 10/350 µs current wave and used for outdoor applications. It protects against external power surges which are caused by lightning or due to utility capacitor bank switching. It is considered to be first line of defense of your home or office. 

Type 2 Surge protector device (SPD) 

Type 2 Surge protector device (SPD)  is mounted on load side of main service entrance. Type-2 SPD is characterized by an 8/20 µs current wave. It is used to protect branch circuit or service entrance against residual lightning energy, surges due to motor and other surges. Its main function is to limit transient voltage and protects sensitive electronics and Mp/Mc based boards. It is used for commercial and industrial applications.